Meet the new look Thomson

We are delighted to share that we have updated our brand offering to harmonise the way we operate, and create an even better customer experience.

Traditionally, we’ve been split between our core service elements – Thomson Ecology, Unicomarine and Thomson Habitats. However, in an attempt to streamline our services and continue to put our customers first; we’ve amalgamated these core elements of the business into one umbrella brand – Thomson environmental consultants.

The foundations of our company have not changed, but the values, brand promise, mission statement and corporate identity have all been updated to be even more client-focused.

On top of the re-brand, and to celebrate our success to date, we have produced an interactive timeline to demonstrate some key milestones in our business since we were established back in 2004.

Below, you can find all of the details of the re-branding. Please take a look, sign up to the email newsletter to receive more exciting updates, and share your thoughts with us on social media.

Brand promise

Our clients depend on us to achieve their objectives and comply with environmental laws.

Mission statement

We strive to deliver a pragmatic and innovative approach to environmental compliance. Working in partnership with our clients, our team of environmental specialists ensures objectives are met, with maximum efficiency for our clients, and minimal impact on the natural world.

Brand values


With trusted and skilled environmental specialists in ecology, water and habitat management, you’re in safe hands.


Our approach means you can rely on us to provide the right advice and have the knowledge to support you throughout your project. We won’t let you down.


Combining original research with modern technology, our clients benefit from our innovative solutions that increase efficiency and lower costs.

Our new strapline: “Leading experts in environmental compliance”


Our interactive timeline shows our journey from the beginning, as we grow and grow, highlighting key successes along the way. You will also find pull outs of information, detailing the successes.

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