Posted on Apr 22, 2020

Story Map Test

I have created this page to demonstrate that you could create in depth case studies and place them on the TEC website. I would create each of the interactive elements required via Story Maps and embed these into our website. Here you can showcase your interactive and rich media such as layered maps and utilise swipe overlay maps etc. Keep all narrative/descriptive page copy here.

Map swipe example

Duel map with navigation buttons example

Just another iFrame embedded for visual and testing purposes, this time with navigation revealing a second map.


Duel map with navigation buttons example

I have embedded the below for test purposes. I am not sure if page copy, within the frame would be picked up via Google (I’d research this further, but our website would be best for user experience purposes). As mentioned before, it would be best practise to keep all text on the TEC website (for indexing by Google) opposed to Story Maps as seen in the frame below.

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