Breeam assessments and CfSH

We provide specialised ecological input for BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH) assessments in line with current technical guidance manuals: BREEAM UK Non-Domestic Refurbishment & Fit-Out 2014 and New Construction 2014 Technical Manual, BREEAM New Construction UK 2011, BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment 2012 and CfSH Technical Guide 2010.

Our approach is to undertake a site visit to collect ecological data and prepare a report to fulfil the specific requirements of each assessment issue. This includes assessment of the ecological value of the site and how this will change post-development, recommendations for protection of ecological features and mitigating impact, recommendations of how to enhance the site for ecology and an assessment of the long term impact on biodiversity, which can involve production of a five year management plan for the development.

Our consultants meet the Suitably Qualified Ecologist (SQE) criteria as stipulated in the BRE guidelines and work with clients to maximise the credits available. Additionally, at the post-construction stage, we undertake site visits to assess and verify ecological compliance; evidence gathered at this stage facilitates the allocation of credits.

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This online version of the Thomson’s ecology handbook provides a general overview of current wildlife legislation* and is aimed at helping project managers understand and plan for ecology from the start.

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