Landscape design

As landscape architects our role is to protect and enhance the urban and rural environment for the benefit of the public.

At Thomson, our process of doing this is through the development of site specific designs that factor in a range of elements, from a site’s natural features, potential and qualities, to technical knowledge, social, cultural, geographical, scientific, political and historical factors, all within the planning system.

We operate across all project phases, providing feasibility studies, concepts, detail, technical resolution and construction. Our designs are driven by our promise to deliver excellence and client satisfaction, supported by our detailed analysis, robust strategies, inspirational concepts and rigorous project management.

The final result is something that we will want to see grow and change over the years, contributing to the existing site context but also growing with it as it changes and develops, improving the lives of people that use the spaces and ensuring that the highest level of sustainability is achieved.

To talk to our team of experts about how we can help you with landscape design on your project, please get in touch today.

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Richard Arnold


Guildford Office

Compass House
60 Priestley Road
Surrey Research Park

+44(0)1483 466 000

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