Reptile surveys

Reptile surveys are required if development proposals could potentially impact on suitable habitat or directly on the species themselves. We use a combination of visual checks for reptiles and inspection under naturally occurring or artificial refugia to determine presence or absence. These checks also give an indication of population size if reptiles are using the site.

Our reptile surveys are conducted in line with best practice guidelines including Froglife Advice Sheet 10, Natural England Reptile Mitigation Guidelines, the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) Herpetofauna Workers’ Manual and the Herpetofauna Groups of Britain and Ireland (HGBI) Advisory Note.

The smooth snake and sand lizard are both European Protected Species (EPS), requiring the specialist skills of our licensed surveyors. If populations cannot be retained in situ, our specialists can conduct translocations. Our mitigation and compensatory measures are designed to support and enhance your development proposals and to ensure compliance with legislation and planning policies.


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