Veteran tree surveys and ancient tree management plans

The UK has the greatest concentration of veteran and ancient trees in Europe, many over a thousand years old. These stalwarts of our ancient woodland and parks are part of our natural heritage and need to be conserved.

At Thomson, our tree and ecology experts have the knowledge and skills to undertake veteran tree surveys and tree management plans for ancient trees and their surrounding environment.

Veteran and ancient trees are irreplaceable and concerted effort during development should be made to avoid and reduce impacts, with compensation loss as a last resort.

Veteran tree management plan considerations

When making planning decisions involving veteran and ancient trees, you must consider:

  • conserving and enhancing biodiversity associated with them; and
  • reducing the level of impact of the proposed development on them.

Planning permission will normally be refused if development will result in the loss or deterioration of ancient woodland, ancient trees and veteran trees unless:

  • there are wholly exceptional reasons; and
  • there’s a suitable compensation strategy in place.

Help with veteran tree surveys and tree management planning

Thomson arboriculturists are experienced in managing veteran and ancient trees and woodlands. Through the appropriate consideration for conservation and enhancement of biodiversity, and delivery of suitable compensation strategies, our experts can help your planning application proceed with minimal delay, allowing you to deliver your project.

If you are responsible for arranging veteran tree surveys and tree management planning for ancient trees and woodlands, please call us today for help and advice.

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