Tree risk surveys and arboriculture management

Landowners and tree managers have a legal responsibility to ensure their trees are safe. The simplest way to do this is to have the trees regularly inspected by a qualified tree consultant, who can conduct a tree risk survey, also known as a tree hazard survey.

The requirement for these inspections may be every year in high-risk areas such as schools and leisure centres, or less frequently in places with fewer visitors.

Our team will provide a written report documenting the inspection, which should be kept as evidence of your arboriculture management plans.

Benefits of tree risk surveys

Whilst trees cannot be guaranteed to be 100% safe, their condition can be monitored, and corrective action is taken where risks become unacceptable. It is a good idea to stagger tree risk surveys so that problems evident in autumn or winter can be identified, and different problems can be seen in spring and summer.

When undertaking our tree surveys, we see that many risks are due to defects because of poor growth, or from failure to manage young tree stock. A proactive approach in your tree management plan ensures remedial works can be undertaken to prevent worsening of a hazard, reducing future costs and potential risk.

Help managing your tree risk survey programme

At Thomson, our in-house arboriculture management specialists are on hand to conduct such services throughout the year. As experts in environmental compliance, we undertake work with landowners and tree managers up and down the country.

Talk to us today about how we can help you mitigate any risk your trees pose.

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