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TESA: Thomson Environmental Screening App 1We live in a world of ‘big data’ and it’s easy to get lost in masses of information. At Thomson we are working towards making EIA and environmental constraints analysis quicker and easier. Our new environmental screening app has been developed to streamline the process to help our clients make better informed decisions quicker.

The first of a suite of applications we are developing to support the move to digital EIA, TESA is a GIS-based app that allows us to analyse sites identifying key environmental features and issues that could be a constraint to development or trigger the need for an EIA. Enabling analysis and initial recommendations for mitigation our team can assess one or multiple sites providing comparative analysis, a key feature in site selection for new developments.

Using as little as a site boundary plan and basic information about the nature and scale of a proposed development TESA interrogates the database and analyses the environmental constraints both within the site itself and in the surrounding areas, using scalable buffers to filter the data and identify the features and designations that are most likely to be problematic. Our EIA specialists interpret the results and can add in appropriate mitigation measures (where necessary).

With a semi-automated reporting function that draws on data from the app, the process is streamlined saving time and cost. With a variety of report outputs tailored to the type of analysis being undertaken, we can produce EIA screening reports ready for submission to Local Planning Authorities with formal requests for screening opinions, or site comparison reports to aid decision-making on site selection.

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