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Delivering proportionate, positive, outcome-focussed EIA

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a key requirement for many major developments and is necessary to help secure planning consent. Successful EIAs balance the need to minimise impacts on the environment with the need for economically sustainable development that benefits business and communities.

EIA is increasingly seen as just another process to be navigated to obtain development consent with little value to the wider project. We take a very different view – EIA is not only a fundamental driver for high quality design, it can also help deliver tangible benefits to the environment and communities. From the more focused Biodiversity Net Gain to wider Environmental Net Gain, EIA can help facilitate developments that are more in harmony with the surrounding environment.

At Thomson, we believe that undertaking EIAs should not be unnecessarily complicated or financially onerous for developers and project promoters. They should be proportionate, properly scoped to focus on the likely significant effects, and be a tool to help deliver the best environmental outcome for projects.

We make this possible through our innovative approach to screening and scoping using latest generation GIS technology and our extensive database of UK environmental information to provide quick early analysis of issues. 

From feasibility through to outline design we work with clients to understand their goals and objectives for each project. To deliver real environmental net gain, we can identify complementary environmental objectives that will help to inform the project design and also guide the EIA so that instead of only focusing on mitigating adverse impacts, it identifies opportunities for positive change.

Our in-house team of EIA practitioners work closely with developers, architects, planners and design teams to achieve positive environmental solutions for both large, complex projects as well as small, niche developments. Unlike many of the established big consultancies, we do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Every client and every project is different and we tailor our approach to be flexible to their needs and achieve the desired outcomes.

We put together bespoke project teams comprising a mix of in-house environmental specialists and experts from our growing network of trusted specialists. We work to understand the interrelationships between environmental topics and impacts to guide and inform designs that embed effective mitigation and deliver tangible environmental benefits.

We can help at all stages of a project, from early feasibility, site selection, EIA screening and scoping through to full EIA, as well as construction and operation stage monitoring.

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