Real-time project management

Interactive mapping website

We provide a project management service via our interactive mapping website, which gives you unrivalled access to your ecological data. We employ the latest technology to create secure, personalised websites and mobile apps, which allow all team members instant access to the latest and definitive project data as it is collected in the field or quality assured in the office. This allows you to make key decisions quickly and reliably and is proving to be popular with project managers.

The interactive mapping websites utilise our standard cartographic symbols in combinations to highlight areas of particular interest or ecological constraint. This has proved useful for large, linear infrastructure projects and has promoted collaborative working between our project teams [and those of our clients]. For example, the ecologists undertake their surveys ahead of the contractors to identify any potential constraints, upload their data to the database and the contracting team can synchronise their devices to see areas where they need to avoid something or take special care.

A total information system for your project

In addition to our environmental information we can host and display all other project related data to allow it to be viewed and assessed in combination. This may include proposed development layouts, route alignments, detailed topographic surveys, underground infrastructure, flood risk zones, underlying geology and transport links.

Our interactive mapping solutions support the specialist ecological advice provided by our dedicated consultants and have proved particularly useful at project meetings to highlight issues without leafing through pages of maps. We can also deliver training courses with accompanying manuals or user guides to empower you with all the knowledge and skills needed to make the best use of geospatial data on your projects.

Project planning progress tracking

Once ecology surveys have been completed and your project progresses into the construction phase, our interactive website maps each of the ecological constraints, highlights the required work area buffers and displays any restrictions which might impact the construction programme. For example, a cable route can be divided up into different sections by the differing ecological constraints throughout the year and the construction programme planned most efficiently to avoid incurring any unforeseen delays.

The website also provides an excellent medium for tracking daily project progress against the planned survey programme – photographs, schedules and reports can all be linked to features on the map to create a complete project management system, accessible to all team members.

To discuss how we can help you with meeting environmental compliance and delivering your project objectives, contact us today.