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Thomson Environmental Consultants

Thomson was first established in 2004, known as Thomson Ecology. Founders Nancy Thomson (CEO) and John Mundy, were quickly followed by Richard Arnold as Technical Director. The three shared a vision to provide excellence and innovation in all aspects of ecology and biodiversity.

Today, operating as Thomson Environmental Consultants, we have a team of over 150 specialists on hand, with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with our clients.

In-house at Thomson, we have expertise in terrestrial ecology, marine services, freshwater ecology and management, Marine laboratory services (invertebrates, fish and sediment analyses)habitat creation and management, geospatial data management and mapping, arboriculture consultancy and contracting, and landscape architecture.

To support our work, we have a varied range of accreditation’s and industry memberships that demonstrate our commitment to standards and quality across our work.

You can view Thomson’s full journey from launch in 2004 to today, via our interactive timeline.

Brand values

Expertise – With trusted and skilled environmental specialists, you’re in safe hands.

Certainty – You can rely on us to provide the right advice and have the knowledge to support you throughout your project. We won’t let you down.

Innovation – Combining original research with modern technology, our clients benefit from our innovative solutions that improve quality and lower costs.

Our mission

At Thomson, we strive to deliver a pragmatic and innovative approach to environmental compliance.

Working in partnership with our clients, our team of environmental specialists ensures objectives are met, with maximum efficiency for our clients, and minimal impact on the natural world.

Our partner – Wessex Archaeology

All new construction projects must pass specific ecological and archaeological requirements before they receive planning permission. Our alliance with Wessex Archaeology places us in a strong competitive position, as together we offer our clients, a complete service in the fields of ecology, environmental consultancy and archaeology.

The partnership offers developers a more efficient and streamlined method for commissioning these specialist services, allowing access to the best advice available as part of one contract without the need to go to multiple firms.

Our values. We are defined by our values of respect, integrity, support and excellence

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