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Visual impact assessments

We understand that the LVIA process can be crucial to planning consents and the integrity of a scheme.

We undertake Landscape Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA) and Landscape Character Assessments (LCA) to inform proposals and communicate impacts to both authorities and communities.

At Thomson we are able to undertake both informal landscape appraisals and formal Landscape Visual Impact Assessments, either as a standalone study or as part of a larger Environmental Statement.

We understand that the LVIA process can be crucial to planning consents and the integrity of a scheme, and so ensure that we adhere to industry standard guidance (currently the 3rd edition of Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment) and collaborate with those experienced within the field to ensure the highest possible quality of work.

Depending on the nature of the site, it may be that visual impacts, landscape impacts, or both, need to be considered, but whatever the situation, we will work with our GIS team to undertake desk studies and field work to ensure that the proper processes result in a thorough analysis of the site, its sensitivity and the potential effects of development on it, as well as the potential for mitigating any negative effects that may occur.

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