Tree planting schemes

Tree Planting Schemes

The right tree in the right place.

Thomson offer a total tree planting scheme design and implementation service in accordance with British Standard BS8545:2014 on trees.

Following the mantra ‘the right tree in the right place’, we use our expert knowledge when selecting tree species for landscape and habitat continuity, functionality and amenity value, and resilience and longevity in the future.

Tree position: the right tree in the right place

We start by selecting the right species for the space allotted to it. One of the first considerations is the ultimate height and spread of the tree. Planting trees that will ultimately be too big for their location creates costs down the line through the need to constantly prune them. We also consider:

  • suitability for the soil type
  • tolerance of site conditions
  • microclimate
  • likely tolerance of projected climatic changes
  • possible changes in site use shading effects

All tree planting is planned and implemented in accordance with the new British Standard BS8545:2014 Trees: from nursery to independence in the landscape – recommendations.

Selection of tree species for landscape and habitat continuity

In some locations, it may be necessary to choose species that are in keeping with the existing treescape, for example, London plane (Platanus x hispanica) in central London. In others, it may be suitable to choose native species that provide a habitat or habitat connectivity for animal species that use trees for food or nesting. Our experience in the selection of trees means that we can make recommendations to meet all of your requirements.

Functional trees

Trees may be needed to fulfil an environmental function, such as providing shade, damping noise or reducing particulate pollution. Not all trees are equally efficient in carrying out these functions. Our in-house arboriculture team will recommend the species that will provide the maximum benefit, and advise on the right densities and planting patterns.

Types of tree stock

There are many choices to be made when buying trees. Nursery trees can be bare rooted, root-balled or container grown; seedlings, small trees (whips) or semi-mature specimens to confer an instant mature landscape. We advise on which options are best for your design and the planting site.

Tree planting scheme design

Sourcing healthy stock is vital to select healthy specimens that will survive in the often hostile conditions in which they are planted, and that will grow without defects. We advise on where to obtain the best stock, preferably of local provenance so that it is well suited to local growing conditions. We also carefully check purchased plants to ensure that they are healthy, free of disease and of good form.

Advice on tree planting schemes

Our team of experts are on hand to talk to you about how we can help you with the planning and development of your tree planting schemes. To discuss your requirements or for more information on any of the above services, please contact us today.

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