Climate Change and Sustainability

Climate Change and Sustainability

Thomson Environmental Consultants can help businesses across the UK understand their climate change impacts through a range of services.

Global climate concerns are now demanding a comprehensive response that addresses not only the risks, but also identifies the opportunities for growth, diversification and long-term economic sustainability.  In May 2019, the UK Government declared an environment and climate change emergency.

As a result of this and the recommendations of the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017, the UK government set out a clear plan with world-leading targets, to achieve net-zero emissions by no later than 2050. For the Government to deliver on this commitment, bold and decisive leadership will be required to drive robust progress against these targets and ultimately a net-zero economy.

Responding to the climate change challenge – how we can help you

Thomson environmental consultants can help businesses across the UK understand their climate change impacts through a range of services. The success of any climate change strategy relies on identifying an appropriate starting point and then in setting measurable and achievable targets. Thomson will work with you in a collaborative approach, one step at a time from conceptual development right through to board buy in and sign off. It is important a clear starting point is identified through benchmarking and greenhouse gas assessments before identifying and setting targets.  We will then work with you to develop reduction and mitigation opportunities to achieve these targets, ensuring your business culture and values are reflected across the strategy. For performance and achievements to be recognised and accepted as credible by your customers we will also help you develop an effective and engaging reporting approach. Our clients may be on a carbon neutral path or a route to net zero, Thomson can support the drive for both.

Whether our clients require a specific focus on carbon and climate change or the development of a broader sustainability strategy, we can deliver innovative tailor-made solutions.

Developing a climate change strategy for your business

Developing and embedding a comprehensive sustainability vision into a long-term strategic plan, creating lasting value whilst also building public and customer trust is a growing challenge for all types of organisations. Climate change and sustainability strategies are now widely accepted as being pivotal in the global drive to reducing environmental impact.  There are many different methods and approaches to addressing the challenge and no one size fits all.  However, consumers and customers across the world are now not only expecting to see this but they are demanding it.  Organisations that are willing to embrace the challenge through developing and embedding a clear climate change and sustainability approach will not only be contributing to reducing their impacts but also driving value through increased customer retention and the generation of a whole new customer base. We can help you develop and execute a climate change strategy that turns your sustainability into a competitive advantage.

It’s as important to us as it is to you

At Thomson, climate change and sustainability sit at the core of all our business practices. We are delivering a clear and definitive sustainability strategy and reducing our own impacts through our employee-led internal sustainability committee, it is important trust and credibility lies at the heart of any client relationship.

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