Deep Blue

Welcome to Thomson’s marine ecology newsletter.

Welcome to Thomson’s marine ecology newsletter

Deep Blue is our free marine ecology newsletter, written by members of our marine team. Thomson’s marine division was founded over 30 years ago, and our team are the UK’s leading experts in marine environmental surveys, laboratory analysis and consultancy services. They are passionate about our oceans and marine life and have developed Deep Blue to share their knowledge and expertise with anyone interested in the marine environment.

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What’s in the latest edition?

Coastal squeeze and habitat creation, driving biodiversity up the wall

We explore how the greening of grey infrastructure can support and restore coastal habitats impacted by rising sea levels.

Through the lens: Barnacles

We take a look through the lens at barnacles, and some of the rarer barnacle species our taxonomists find in samples.

Parasitism – living at the expense of others

Find out how different marine parasites survive on their host.

Does a long neck help with living in the mud ?

Dr Ruth Barnich takes an in- depth look at the mud shrimp Jaxea nocturna and its extraordinary “Trachelifer” larva.

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