Thomson Interactive Mapping (TIM)

Thomson Interactive Mapping App (TIM)

Our award-winning data mapping system, TIM, can be used on any project to collate all the data into one place, easily accessed by you.

Thomson Interactive Mapping (TIM) is our award-winning map-based project management system that uses GIS technology to give clients oversight of our work potentially from day one, a pioneering platform that differentiates us from many of our competitors. 

The fundamental  advantage of TIM is to display and analyse high-quality, live data securely and accurately for our clients.

Clients get the benefit of having a map based web portal that shows their data literally as it’s collected, so they can see any developments from site surveys straightaway. This is particularly helpful on longer projects where it’s useful to have access to the data before a traditional report is due, allowing important decisions to be made quickly and to see project progress.

Some of our clients have their own GIS systems, so TIM has the capability to stream data directly across into them using web services, making it easy to compare any data we collect with data they already hold in theirs.

TIM can also highlight areas of particular interest or ecological constraint as they are discovered. This has proved useful for large, linear infrastructure projects and has promoted collaborative working between our project teams [and those of our clients]. For example, the ecologists undertake their surveys ahead of the contractors to identify any potential constraints, upload their data to the database and the contracting team can synchronise their devices to see areas where they need to avoid something or take special care.

We can even use a map based ‘traffic light’ system to make it clear to all when they can progress with a  project in any given area.

We have worked on a wide variety of projects involving hugely differing datasets, scales and extents for both commercial and government clients.

TIM won the Company Innovation of the Year award at the Construction News Awards 2015. The judges declared it to be “truly game-changing”, adding, “Thomson turns data into usable management information that makes it easier for clients and contractors to do their jobs”.

We have used TIM  for many different projects and many of our clients continue to use it after a project has been completed as it offers a simple and highly effective way to view and analyse their spatial data.

To find out how TIM can help your project please get in contact with us!

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