Posted on Dec 15, 2017

Intelligent data collection

The GIS team at Thomson Ecology have developed a new system using two applications. The software runs on any device including Toughpads, which are durable PCs, rugged, water and dust resistant, and weatherproof. The software will be synchronised to TIM (Thomson Interactive Mapping), so that once the information is captured, it is transmitted digitally – and instantly – to project managers and clients.

For a long time there has been no need for maps or paperwork, so no need to spend time clarifying information, and the risk of losing valuable data is eliminated.

Neil Smith, Head of GIS at Thomson Ecology said, “With the adoption of these new devices and systems we have moved all field surveys to electronic data capture. This streamlines and improves the service that we offer our clients.”

This is another step forward in intelligent data management, and we look forward to further efficiencies in 2018.

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