Posted on Mar 01, 2024

Thomson ‘LEAPS FOR FROGS’ raising £291 for herpetology conservation

In celebration of Thomson’s 20th anniversary and our commitment to making a positive impact in 2024, Thomson are hosting 20 events throughout the year to support local and national charities, environmental conservation and local communities.

The first of the events was a huge success with Thomson teams baking for charity and raising awareness and £417 for Dementia UK.

We’re thrilled to announce our second charity event….

Leap for Frogs Raffle!

Thomson hosted a raffle on 29th February to coincide with the additional day in the leap year. All employees from our terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecology, habitats, arboriculture and support teams, had the opportunity to enter and have the chance of winning an additional day of annual leave.

Raffle tickets were £1 each and all money raised was donated to The Froglife Trust. So our teams generosity not only increased their chances of winning but also supported much needed amphibian and reptile conservation.

The lucky winner

The winner of the raffle was drawn by Thomson’s CEO/COO Lucy Hunt at our headquarters in Guildford during a companywide meeting and broadcast live to regional teams. We are delighted to announce the lucky winner is…

Ana Pino-Blanco, Ecological Consultant in our East Anglia terrestrial ecology team.

Congratulations Ana!

About The Froglife Trust

Froglife is a national wildlife conservation charity working across the UK to conserve amphibians and reptiles by:

  • Transforming landscapes: conserving and creating the habitats our species depend on.
  • Transforming lives: engaging people from all walks of life.
  • Transforming research: finding out more about how to conserve our species.

Find out more on there website –

About Thomson environmental consultants

Thomson environmental consultants is a leading environmental consultancy working alongside clients in multiple sectors to protect and conserve wildlife and nature that might otherwise be harmed during construction, development and maintenance works.

During a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA), onsite habitats are assessed for their suitability to support reptiles and amphibians and any existing species records are returned from the desk study. If it’s likely that the works will negatively impact reptiles or amphibians, further surveys and mitigation may be required.

Our reptile and amphibian survey and mitigation strategies are guided by best practice and our experienced ecological consultants find pragmatic solutions enabling reptiles and amphibians to thrive together. Many of our ecologists are licensed to work with great crested newts and smooth snakes – the UK’s most protected amphibian and reptile!

Let’s make a leap towards a brighter future together! Thank you for being part of #TeamThomson’s journey towards positive change in our 20th year.

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