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What do you do at Thomson?

I’m the CEO at Thomson, responsible for leading the overall business in collaboration with our Chair and Founder, Nancy Thomson. My role involves setting strategic direction, managing performance, coordinating key business functions, and fostering a culture and working environment where our people can thrive. All of this is done while balancing the needs of the environment with those of our customers and ensuring we fulfill the commitments we’ve made.

No two days are the same. I travel quite a bit, as we have offices all over the country and clients spread far and wide.

It’s a fantastic job. I lead a company whose purpose is to deliver excellent project outcomes with a positive environmental impact, enabling businesses and nature to thrive together. Combined with the quality and expertise of the dedicated individuals at Thomson, who embody our company values of respect, integrity, support, and excellence, leading and being part of the Thomson team is truly rewarding.

When did you join Thomson?

August 2023

What did you do before Thomson?

I spent the first fifteen years of my career at Tesco, where I learned the fundamentals of running a successful business. This included leading people, operational delivery, customer service, sound financial management, effective communications, building partnerships, complying with regulations, and managing reputation.

I then made a career change to follow my passion for nature and climate and moved to the public sector for fourteen years, working for the Environment Agency in several senior roles, latterly as Chief Operating Officer. This experience not only allowed me to further refine my business skills within a large 12,000-person organisation but also deepened my understanding of the environment. I gained insights into the interdependency between business and the environment, as well as the pressures such as climate change mitigation and adaptation. I learned how to effect environmental change and gained a clearer understanding of what people truly care about when it comes to managing their environment.

Why did you decide to join Thomson?

As much as I loved my career at the Environment Agency, I have always been a big believer in the power of the private sector and its potential to be a force for environmental good. The scale of the resources, pace of change, ability to drive innovation and investment, and forward-thinking nature of the private sector is unmatched. If I can help harness the power of business to enhance the environment I love, as Thomson do every day, then that seems like a pretty good reason to get out of bed every morning.

I chose Thomson not just because we help companies operate within the law, which of course our talented team of experts do with the upmost professionalism, but because I see that this organisation presents countless opportunities for businesses to help the environment and vice versa, and all in a client-friendly, cost-effective way.

Why should clients choose Thomson?

Our purpose is to deliver excellent project outcomes with a positive environmental impact, enabling businesses and nature to thrive together. We help clients manage the risks associated with development in a pragmatic way, combined with the quality and expertise of the dedicated individuals at Thomson.

Why should people choose to work at Thomson?

Part of our vision is to become the company that people want to work for. We are committed to striving toward that ambition as a business and helping people be the best they can be. It’s important to me that people find satisfaction at work and that it enhances their lives.

Lucy Hunt Thomson CEO/COO
The values Thomson promote: respect, integrity, support and excellence, really resonate with me and provide a sound foundation for a productive business relationship with clients.
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A career with Thomson offers you great opportunities for professional and personal development and the chance to achieve your potential in a strongly values-led business.

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