Other guidance and reports


Chapter 7: Other guidance and reports

The government and other organisations occasionally produce guidance and documents which are relevant to the management of wildlife on development sites. What follows are summaries of a selection of those which have been produced in the last few years.

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) Reports (2008 and onwards)

Penfold Review of non-Planning Consents (2010) and the Government Responses (2010, 11 and 13)

Making Space for Nature – The Lawton Report (2010)

An invitation to shape the nature of England – natural environment white paper (2011)(England)

Review of the Natural Environment White Paper (2012)

Status of English Local Wildlife Site Systems (2011)

Biodiversity offsetting guidance (2012) and Green Paper (2013)

Nurturing Nature: Policy to protect and improve biodiversity 2012

Planning for a healthy environment: good practice for green infrastructure and biodiversity by The Wildlife Trusts and the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) (2012)

Report of the Habitats and Wild Birds Directives Implementation Review (2012), and progress report (2013)

The Habitats and Wild Birds Directives in England and its seas: Core guidance for developers, regulators & land/marine managers. December 2012 (draft for public consultation)

Habitats and Wild Birds Directives: guidance on the application of article 6(4) Alternative solutions, imperative reasons of overriding public interest (IROPI) and compensatory measures (2012)

Red Tape Challenge: Biodiversity, Wildlife Management, Landscape, Countryside and Recreation (2012)

Microeconomic Evidence for the Benefits of Investment in the Environment, first report (NERR033) (2012) and second report (NERR057)(2014)

Thomson’s ecology handbook

This online version of the Thomson’s ecology handbook provides a general overview of current wildlife legislation* and is aimed at helping project managers understand and plan for ecology from the start.

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