Project planning tools

The Thomson ‘Species Survey and Mitigation Planner’ can help you with your project planning.

We understand that early planning is important for development projects, particularly when it comes to ecology, habitat restoration, creation and management. Constraints due to ecological restrictions and legislation, plus seasonality, mean planning this type of work is fundamental in ensuring projects stay on track both time and budget wise.

Impact of protected species on my project plans

Protected species surveys and habitat management are best undertaken at certain times of the year, and these times vary according to the species concerned, the type of survey required and the animal’s seasonal behaviour or life-cycle stage.

Most protected habitats and species need a licence from Natural England for ecological mitigation works. Make sure you check your legal requirements before undertaking any ecological mitigation.

Straightforward ecological planning

To make your project planning easier, we’ve put together a new, combined species survey and mitigation planner, delivering you a more practical overview of the seasons.

You’ll find the planner contains straightforward, pragmatic details to aid you with navigating ecology and mitigation restrictions, without it being too vague, or confusing.

Download your Survey and Mitigation Planner 1

Where do I get hold of a copy?

There are two ways you can get hold of our Species Survey and Mitigation Planner.

  1. Download a PDF of the species survey and mitigation planner
  2. Request a printed, A2, colour copy of the species survey and mitigation planner


The PDF can be saved to a desktop computer but is also in a printable format (remember to print sustainably).

Upon request of a printed copy, please allow 7 – 10 working days for it to arrive.

Both formats can be fixed to an office wall.

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