Dredging consents

The brief

Llanelli Sand Dredging Limited needed to renew their licence for dredging at Nobel Banks in the Bristol Channel, South Wales.

As part of the renewal of consents process, ecological surveys were required at regular intervals to monitor the impact of dredging on marine life.

What we did

  • We conducted biodiversity monitoring surveys over the course of several years.
  • Fish and benthos surveys were carried out through deployment of grabs and trawls from a survey vessel.
  • Reports were produced that compared biological and habitat data and presented statistical analyses.

Recommendations and outcomes

The surveys and report were completed within a strict timescale and on budget.

No significant changes to the biological communities present at the site were detected.

As a result, Llanelli Sand Dredging Limited has successfully achieved the appropriate licences and consents to continue their dredging operation.

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