Environment Agency updates groundwater protection policy
Posted on Mar 16, 2017

Environment Agency updates groundwater protection policy

The Environment Agency have released a new updated groundwater protection policy which can be found here.

Use this guide to understand

  • what groundwater is and how your activity might affect it
  • what permissions you need to discharge to or abstract from groundwater
  • how vulnerable your location is to groundwater pollution
  • where the designated groundwater protection zones are

This guidance is for planners, applicants for environmental permits and abstraction licences, and landowners concerned with the quality and quantity of

Dr Phil Aldous, Director of Water at Thomson Ecology and a contributor to the first edition of the Policy published in the early 1990s, says “Groundwater
is an essential component of river flows and a source of public water supplies. This update is welcomed to protect these groundwater sources from deterioration and to maintain a stable and wholesome water environment.”

If you require any assistance regarding this revised edition or other aspects of groundwater management please contact Thomson Ecology.


Image, right: TC Winter, JW Harvey, OL Franke, WM Alley

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