Machinery and ecology
Posted on Apr 12, 2018

Machinery and ecology

Specialist machinery can be hugely advantageous on demolition projects, especially when there is a risk of encountering protected species. On a recent project, following the final precautionary inspection of a building for bats, our ecologists worked together with demolition operatives to streamline the demolition process. The ecological and economic benefits of adopting these techniques on demolition projects are clear.

The hydraulic rotating selector grab is a bespoke piece of kit that connects to mobile cranes and hydraulic excavators. With a 360° hydraulic rotation these grabs are capable of removing individual building features with a high degree of precision, enabling demolition to be safely completed in parts. From a health and safety standpoint its main advantage is that it can remove the need for scaffolding and therefore, in some cases, eliminate the requirement of working at height. This is significant as falling from height is currently the most common cause of fatal injuries to workers (Fatal injuries reportable under RIDDOR, 2012/13-2016/17), with 40 fatalities per year. As such working at height should always be avoided where possible. These grabs are also fitted with check valves to prevent the dropping of materials, further enhancing health and safety on site.

The precision of this type of machinery is also extremely useful for ecologists undertaking soft demolition works. In this case, during the final precautionary bat inspection, once the ecologist had assessed that all potential roost features were void of roosting bats, these features could then be carefully removed with the same care and precision as if using hand tools.

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