Chapter 2 National planning law

National Planning Law and Wildlife | Ireland


Table 4E: National Planning Law and Wildlife: Ireland

Legislation Description
The Planning and Development Act, 2000 – 2014 Consolidate all previous planning laws and sets out the basic framework for managing development. It protects natural and architectural heritage and formalises in law the requirement for Environmental Impact Statements and Appropriate Assessments. It establishes powers for planning authorities to set objectives for the conservation and improvement of natural heritage.
Planning and Development Regulations 2001-2013 A collection of regulations relating to the submission of planning applications. Regulations include protocols for producing environmental impact statements relating to works consisting of or incidental to the carrying out of development.
The Planning and Development (Strategic Infrastructure) Act 2006 Establishes planning consent protocols for major infrastructure projects, including major road and railway projects. The Act also led to the formation of a division within An Bord Pleanála to address planning consent applications.
Harbours Act 1996 -2009 Enables the Minister for the Marine to manage, control, operate and develop certain harbours and their commercial interests. Through this Act, the Minister for the Marine also reserves the right to control the establishment of companies and define their functions in respect of certain harbours.
European Union (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Planning and Development Act, 2000) Regulations 2012. Transpose the EIA Directive No. 2011/92/EU on the assessment of the environmental effects of certain public and private development projects. These Regulations amend section 2, section 171A and section 172 of the Planning and Development Act, 2000.
Chapter 2 National planning law
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