Amber the lizard released back into the wild!

This week, Amber, the common lizard was released back into the wild!

During a particularly cold day, whilst we were undertaking an ecological watching brief, our ecologist identified a small common lizard (Zootoca vivipara)
among the rootstock of a bramble. It was a female and she had woken from hibernation. It was too cold to place her back on site for hibernation, so
we took her into captivity to ensure her survival throughout the winter.

The lizard, named Amber, was kept in the Thomson Ecology head office, in a vivarium with suitable substrate, logs for basking, a source of water, a heat
lamp to keep warm and mealworms for food.

Once the weather had improved and temperatures had risen sufficiently, we released her back to where we found her.

Watch her release here!

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