Dr Arnaud Duranel’s poster presentation at “Groundwater; Managing our hidden asset” conference

Dr Arnaud Duranel, Senior Ecologist at Thomson Ecology, has designed two posters which he will present at the “Groundwater; Managing our Hidden Asset” conference this week.

Poster one is entitled “Modelling the impacts of catchment afforestation on the hydrological condition of groundwater-dependent acidic valley mires”, and poster two “Groundwater dependence of acidic valley mires in basement regions: field and modelling evidence from the Massif Central (France)”.

To view the posters, click here and here.

Arnaud has over fifteen years’ experience in ecology and hydrology, and has an expert knowledge of wetland ecology, hydrology, wetland management, restoration and creation.

The two-day conference, which is hosted by the University of Birmingham, will celebrate the International Association of Hydrogeologists 60th anniversary and the Geological Society Year of Water.

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