Thomson's ecology work for Duke’s Meadow new footbridge
Posted on Jul 19, 2021

Thomson’s ecology work at Dukes Meadows, Chiswick

Thomson environmental consultants provide Knights Brown Construction Ltd with essential ecological, arboricultural and marine services at Dukes Meadows, Chiswick, London.

Knights Brown Construction Ltd are involved in constructing a footbridge at Dukes Meadow. We were commissioned to undertake Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA), invasive species survey, Preliminary Ground Level Roost Assessment (PGLRA) for bats, arboriculture tree survey and marine benthic invertebrate survey.

About Dukes meadows

Dukes meadows comprises 187 acres of parkland located in the London Borough of Hounslow, adjacent to the river Thames and downstream of Barnes bridge. It is one of the largest open spaces in London, offering open access to the Thames through the Thames path.

Dukes Hollow, a small but important Nature Reserve featuring a natural tidal foreshore, diverse waterside flora and home to two nationally rare snails. The pedestrian bridge will improve access to a peaceful, almost rustic, part of the Thames Path with one of only two surviving natural Thames river banks in London.

The bridge has been designed with durability, maintainability and aesthetic appeal, with insistence on high quality materials and finishes fitting to its prominent position along the Thames. The bridge is a prime example of architecture and engineering working in harmony, a statement for the importance of Dukes meadows as Hounslow’s asset along the river Thames. With energy efficient lighting and robust finishes such as stainless steel and aluminium, the project will anticipate and reduce the maintenance required over its expected 100+ year lifetime.

How Thomson environmental consultants were able to assist

  • Undertook a desk study to identify any designated sites and/or protected species within 2km of the site and conducted an extended Phase 1 habitat survey in line with JNCC guidelines and produced a PEA report.
  • Conducted an invasive species survey for Japanese knotweed, Himalayan balsam, and buddleia and produced a report with distribution mapping and recommendations.
  • Conducted a PGLRA further to recommendations in the PEA report and produced a report with recommendations.
  • Conducted an arboricultural survey of trees, including a desk study of the site to identify trees that have Tree Preservation Orders and produced an arboricultural report, including Tree Schedules and a Tree Constraints Plan, an Arboricultural Impact Assessment, and an Arboricultural Methods Statement.
  • Undertook a benthic invertebrate survey of the Thames intertidal region within the area to be affected by the construction works and produced a report.
  • Undertook ecological watching briefs during site Pre-construction works, providing a Toolboxtalk to site operatives and recording main activities in a site diary.

The outcome

The reports produced by Thomson environmental consultants were used to inform and support the clients planning proposal. The findings and recommendations detailed in the reports have ensured that Knights Brown Construction Ltd are informed on how to mitigate any impacts of construction works on wildlife and remain compliant with UK legislation and policy pertaining to wildlife, trees and biodiversity. The services provided have ensured the protection and enhancement of biodiversity at the site.

How Thomson can help

Contact [email protected] or call us on 01483 466 000 to find out how we can help you.

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