New species paper published
Posted on Oct 23, 2017

New species paper published

Last year we reported that Thomson Ecology’s Principal Biologist, Ruth Barnich, had discovered two new species of polychaete. The species, one from the
Celtic Sea and the other from the North Sea, are from the genus Malmgrenia.

One of the species has now been named. The full name is, Malmgrenia thomsonae Barnich, Dietrich, Hager & Fiege, 2017, or, Malmgrenia thomsonae, for

Ruth, a globally respected polychaetologist, who specialises in the taxonomy of scale worms, said, “Being one of the leading scale worm specialists, it is not unusual for me to find new species. But the discovery of these two new species helps a lot in our understanding of the genus Malmgrenia which is one of the most challenging in scale worm taxonomy. I am very pleased to dedicate one of the two new species to Nancy Thomson, CEO of Thomson Ecology, for her continuous support and interest in our work.”

This week the paper has been published on the Springer Nature website, and can be found here.

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