Posted on May 26, 2023

Reflecting on UKREiiF 2023

Last week, Thomson environmental consultants attended the UK’s biggest real estate and infrastructure event, UKREiiF. For the second year running, we joined other professionals from across the country, at the Royal Armouries in Leeds.

Daniel Reynolds discussing BNG at UKREiiF 2023

Thomson’s Daniel Reynolds, Director of Business development, attended the event across all 3 days and said, “UKREiiF presented brilliant opportunities to meet with clients and hear their unique requirements for bespoke project support. We also enjoyed talking about future collaborations and joint venture opportunities on larger scale projects.

 Industry discussion across the event focussed heavily on biodiversity legislation and how it is rapidly changing beneath out feet. Talks also touched on the ever-growing demand for nature-based solutions and the need for specialist support to advise and deliver against emerging requirements.”

A massive thank you to the organisers for such an amazing week and to everyone who stopped to chat to our team. We look forward to continuing the discussions, with the new connections we have made, as we work together to enable business and nature to thrive together!

You can download our publications which we shared at the event below:

Lauren Hornsby-Riley, James Turner and Daniel Reynolds manning the stand

Thomson Services Brochure 2023

  • Find out more about Thomson environmental consultants and the range of services we offer.

Thomson’s Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) Brochure

  • What is BNG?
  • How we calculate Biodiversity Net Gain or loss.
  • Assessing whether your development needs a BNG assessment.
  • Our expertise and experience undertaking BNG calculations and producing Biodiversity Strategies for clients.

Addressing the Nutrient Crisis

  • Why river pollution is damming the flow of new housing and how we might unblock it
  • What’s the problem with nutrients?
  • How can we build back better if we can’t build at all?
  • How can we neutralise the nutrients?

The Future of the Built Environment

  • The built environment of the future will be bigger but also greener
  • The scale of the challenge is unprecedented
  • It’s not just about construction
  • Building nature into cities
  • Building obsolescence out

Carbon Goals

  • The false dichotomy that businesses must choose between growth and carbon reduction
  • Mapping the path to Carbon Zero
  • Understanding local environments is as important as understanding the wider one
  • The UK is taking an environmental lead, we all need to be ready to step up to it

Creating Better Environmental Outcomes for Real Estate & Construction Sectors

  • Supporting Your Projects
  • Site Selection
  • Planning and Design
  • Mitigation Implementation, Habitat Creation and Tree planting

Deep Blue Newsletter

  • Coastal squeeze and habitat creation, driving biodiversity
  • Through the lens: Barnacles
  • Parasitism – living at the expense of others
  • Does a long neck help with living in the mud?
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      Knowledge Hub Reflecting on UKREiiF 2023