Sir David Attenborough hopes the BBC's Blue Planet will raise awareness of the ocean's plastic problem
Posted on Nov 09, 2017

Sir David Attenborough hopes the BBC’s Blue Planet will raise awareness of the ocean’s plastic problem

Many of us are watching and enjoying Blue Planet II which is currently being shown on BBC1 on Sunday evenings. Since it aired Sir David Attenborough has
spoken out about plastics in the ocean after witnessing its impacts whilst filming the programme.

More than eight million tonnes of plastic enters the sea every year, and it is thought that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish.

The BBC have sold the Blue Planet II to 30 countries, and Sir David has said that he hopes that the programme would help every viewer to realise “that
we have a responsibility” to take plastic off the menu – a reference to a recent comment made by Prince Charles in which he referred to a study stating
that the average person who eats seafood swallows up to 11,000 pieces of microplastic every year.

Sir David goes on to say,“We may think we live a long way from the oceans but we don’t. What we actually do here … has a direct effect on the oceans
and what the oceans do then reflects back on us. It is one world. And it’s in our care. For the first time in the history of humanity, for the first
time in 500 million years, one species has the future in the palm of its hands. I just hope he realises that that is the case.”



Image: Jeremy Bishop

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