Thomson Ecology exhibiting at Major Infrastructure and Renewable Energy Planning in Wales
Posted on Dec 22, 2016

Thomson Ecology teams up with Clancy Docwra

Thomson Ecology has met with key members of Clancy Docwra’s environmental team to discuss business opportunities, which include assisting them in the delivery of one of the largest contracts in the UK water sector’s history.

Since privatisation of the UK water industry in 1989, the industry works in five-year planning cycles, called Asset Management Plan (AMP) periods. In AMP6 (2015-2020) Thames Water established two massive alliances including the ‘Infrastructure Alliance’, to deliver billions of pounds worth of work and services. Infrastructure Alliance consists of two joint ventures including KCD (Kier and Clancy Docwra). As an important member of Infrastructure Alliance, Clancy Docwra provides asset creation and maintenance delivery schemes for up to half of the UK’s population across greater London and the Thames Valley.

The formation of Infrastructure Alliance has led to a considerable increase in Clancy Docwra’s need for a reliable ecological services provider. One component of the services they provide is the repair of pipe leaks and mains bursts. This often includes priority works, which require immediate attention. When the works are undertaken in environmentally sensitive areas, the engineers at Clancy Docwra require an ecological service provider capable of providing support at short notice. Thomson Ecology has been providing ecological, habitats management and arboricultural services to Clancy Docwra since 2006 and has been identified as an ideal service provider for Infrastructure Alliance.

Hannah Rose (Environmental Manager of Infrastructure Alliance) spoke of the importance of this relationship: “Thomson Ecology have a wealth of appropriately qualified and licensed ecologists, as well as a client-focused culture whereby they actively seek pragmatic solutions to environmental risk management.”

Thomson Ecology’s Associate Director Mike Hill has over 18 years of experience in the water industry. He says: “It is an exciting time to be involved in the water industry and Thomson Ecology is well prepared for the future opportunities. Besides ecology, arboriculture and habitats management, Thomson Ecology also has extensive capabilities in fisheries science and aquatic ecology, water quality monitoring and pollution incident investigation.

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