Receptor pond, DP World London Gateway © Joe Salkeld / Thomsonec
Posted on Feb 26, 2019

Thomson wins contract with DP World London Gateway to advise on future habitat management

Thomson Environmental Consultants have been contracted by London Gateway Logistics Park Development Ltd (DP World London Gateway) to undertake ecological monitoring surveys this year.

This latest phase of the project includes the monitoring of a long running mitigation scheme at their ecological receptor sites created to enable the development of a modern new port and logistics park on the banks of the Thames Estuary. Teams from Thomson will be undertaking surveys for reptiles and great crested newts as well as aquatic habitat monitoring and removal of predatory fish.

Early ecological considerations

Thomson first worked on this project back in 2008 completing the early stages of this project over a four-year period. Work included carrying out many of the initial ecological surveys, preparing management plans, liaising with Natural England on protected species licensing, creating 50 new ponds for great crested newts, 70 hectares of new terrestrial habitat and trans-locating several thousand animals, for the largest ecological mitigation project in Europe at the time.

Ongoing ecological monitoring and management

The ecological receptor sites have been monitored every year since their creation to ensure that the grassland, scrub and pond habitats are providing optimal conditions and that the trans-located great crested newt and reptile populations are thriving. Thomson are pleased to be part of the ongoing monitoring, the results of which will be used to inform future habitat management and will be reported to Natural England as part of the protected species mitigation license requirements.

Paul Franklin, project principle for Thomson Environmental Consultants said:

“Having been involved in this large-scale UK infrastructure project from its infancy, I’m pleased Thomson are able to return this year to undertake follow up surveys and monitoring.  To be able to go back and monitor the success of our mitigation strategy over these years is a great opportunity to assess our previous work and see how the site has developed.”

Tom Coulter, Environmental Advisor at DP World said:

“Thomson have worked with us on the design of habitat compensation and protected species receptor sites for the London Gateway development and helped us in getting our mitigation licences from Natural England. It is great to have them on board for the habitat and population monitoring required under those licences.”

DP World is the developer of the London Gateway Port and Commercial Park, which is one of the most fully-automated and efficient ports in the world.

Get in touch

Thomson Environmental Consultants undertake a wide variety of ecological survey and mitigation work across the UK. DP World are just one of our large clients who our specialist teams we have worked with over the years. To get a quotation for your environmental consultancy requirements or find out more about how to meet environmental compliance on your development, get in touch today.

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