Posted on Jun 14, 2022

Thomson’s top 10 tips – Clean Air Day 2022

Thursday 16th June 2022 is Clean Air Day – the UK’s largest air pollution campaign. The theme this year is:

“Air pollution dirties every organ in your body. Take steps to improve your health this Clean Air Day”.

Air pollution causes heart and lung disease and results in over 36,000 deaths each year in the UK. These health impacts increase costs to public health services and also have a substantial economic cost. To prevent this, and to breathe clean air, we need to work together to make rapid changes.

Here at Thomson, we have a specialist Climate Change and Sustainability team, helping businesses across the UK to better understand their pollution emissions and the impact this has on our climate. We work together to provide innovative solutions.

Below are Thomson’s top 10 tips you can do right now for cleaner air and a healthier you:

  1. Avoid unnecessary travel – ask yourself, do I need to travel? Can I do what needs to be done via an online platform or combine trips to reduce travel?
  2. Leave the car at home – replace short car journeys with walking, cycling or public transport.
  3. Car share and apply efficient driving measures – share car journeys with family, friends and colleagues and apply fuel efficient driving measures.
  4. Reduce air travel – holiday at home.
  5. Plant trees and cut lawns less – this will help enhance biodiversity and will aid with sequestering carbon, scrubbing the air of pollutants, reduce flood risk, increase amenity value, enhance health and wellbeing and reduce urban heat island effect.
  6. Demand side management – reduce energy demand at home and at work, say no to standby, choose low energy white goods and go paperless.
  7. Switch to a renewable energy tariff – or a green gas supply and consider installing on site renewables.
  8. Avoid burning solid fuel at home – in the garden and in the house. If you have an open fire or log burning stove at home, ensure it is the cleanest it can be and that the fuel is clean and the wood dry, with a moisture content of <20%.
  9. Cut down on meat and dairy foods – which has other added health benefits and could help you live up to a decade longer.
  10. Reduce, reuse and recycle – cut back on the amount of waste you leave behind.


To find out more about Clean Air Day 2022 visit:

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