Habitat Assessment for ancient woodland
Forestry Commission Wales

Habitat Assessment for ancient woodland

The brief

Forestry Commission Wales is responsible for implementing the Welsh Assembly Government Woodland Strategy for Wales. This includes the management of approximately 130,000ha of Welsh Government owned forest estate, of which currently 14,000ha is designated as ancient woodland.

Thomson Ecology was awarded a two year contract to complete a Baseline Habitat Assessment of this ancient woodland.

What we did

  • Thomson Ecology implemented a survey programme to evaluate the current habitat baseline condition of approximately 14,000ha of ancient woodland.
  • We monitored the relevant attributes and factors that are associated with a functioning woodland ecosystem.
  • Our experienced team of botanists and arboriculturists used a detailed methodology to record data on woodland features.
  • We recorded all data using mobile mapper handheld devices, which are GPS enabled and provide sub-metre accuracy. All photographs captured are also geo-tagged.
  • Our approach to data collection helps to minimise error and ensure data quality.

The outcome

Our results are used to inform ongoing improvements in woodland management of the Forestry Commission’s estate.

The Forestry Commission Wales is committed to protecting and expanding Britain’s forests and woodlands. By understanding the condition of the forest throughout Wales, they can take measures to preserve and improve these precious habitats.
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