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Harwich Haven Authority

Invasive species, Harwich Haven

The brief

In anticipation of the Ballast Water Management Convention becoming ratified in 2017, Harwich Haven Authority commissioned Thomson’s marine consultancy team to investigate and describe the invasive species present within their harbour boundary.

What we did

  • We analysed data we had collected from the Stour and Orwell estuaries over the past 5 years.
  • We recorded the invasive species identified, where they were found, and looked at any trends in species composition and abundance over the years.
  • We researched the invasive species identified in order to describe their impact on the marine environment, particularly the impact on native species and port and harbour activities.
  • We reported our findings to Harwich Haven Authority with recommendations on the management of these species with regard to the Ballast Water Management Convention.

The outcome

The report was completed on time and to budget and was well received. We were able to advise Harwich on what steps they would need to take next to prepare for any requirements imposed by the Ballast Water Management Convention. This would include the management of ballast waters to reduce the probability of the introduction of marine invasive species. This work has been reported on in industry magazines.

We have an excellent long-term collaborative relationship with Harwich Haven Authority through undertaking marine ecology surveys for over a decade and contributing to the environmental management of the port.
Thomson project manager, for Harwich Haven
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