Ecological data management

We specialise in environmental data collection, have state-of-the-art technology and employ this on all our projects. We use our cartographic skills, ecological data familiarity and understanding of our clients’ requirements to collect and display data with absolute clarity.

On-site data capture

We specialise in environmental data capture and have state-of-the-art technology and extensive experience of its application and use. We have a fleet of mobile mapping devices which we set up with pre-defined survey forms to collect all required standard information for species and habitat surveys. These handheld devices provide unrivalled accuracy, efficiency and data security. They also work in all weather conditions and help to ensure the safety of our surveyors.

Complementary data sources

We have partnerships with a number of data collection organisations, so that we can obtain any required additional information quickly and efficiently to best inform your project. This includes Ordnance Survey base mapping, topographic surveys, aerial photography, satellite imaging, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) data acquisition, protected species records, priority habitats and environmental impact assessment layers.

We are able to integrate all of this data into your project mapping portfolio, to enable you to manage all your site data in one, interactive, real-time map.

Survey results mapping

The results of our surveys and desk studies are always included as maps in our reports to present our findings clearly and display our recommendations. These maps are of the highest quality and are included in Planning Applications, Environmental Statements, Arboriculture Impact Assessments, Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (Phase 1 habitat survey) reports, European Protected Species Licence applications and Proposed Mitigation Plans. We use our cartographic skills, knowledge of environmental data and understanding of the project to represent and display the data with absolute clarity.

Ecological data management

Remote data capture

To complement our in-the-field data collection we use remote survey data. Increasingly we use aerial photography and satellite imagery, which we interpret using specialist modelling techniques, for the identification of habitats and key features on site. We use camera traps and static monitoring devices and other unmanned techniques to capture undisturbed mammal and bird activity.

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