UAV surveys

Through our drive for innovation we are leading the way with the use of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) surveys in the ecological market place.

Thomson is licensed with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and insured for aerial photography work. Aerial work is undertaken by appropriately qualified and certified staff.

We use high specification UAV-mounted photographic equipment to capture high definition images and video footage of the areas below. Using a UAV means that we can obtain data from locations where access or visibility is limited. The flexibility and ease of deployment of a UAV means that data can be collected rapidly, affordably and at short notice.

UAV services

  • We provide aerial photography supplied as mosaiced georeferenced image files that can be used in any GIS software.
  • Our experience in UAV flight, GIS techniques and ecological surveys enables us to provide a unique service to not only capture the aerial imagery from a site but also to provide digitised ecological habitat maps for use within Phase 1 habitat surveys.
  • We are able to undertake ecological surveys such as bat roost inspections and water vole surveys in locations where working at height or use of a boat might make surveying costly or unsafe.
  • We provide aerial imagery for clients to monitor habitat changes over time, or to monitor and present progress on construction sites.
  • We provide clients with aerial images and video footage for promotional material for their sites under development.
  • We process aerial imagery to produce highly detailed 3D point cloud models to help visualise sites for use within the planning process.
  • As well as providing the photography and video footage of a site we also provide digitised habitat maps which can inform Phase 1 reporting.
  • Thomson provides web-based interactive mapping allowing project teams and clients to view data collected through UAV-mounted cameras.

To discuss how the UAV services that we offer can help on your project please contact us today!

Our qualified pilots have an in-depth understanding of ecology and aerial image recognition and assessment.

We provide survey results in multiple formats including point cloud.

A combination of UAV, GIS and ecological experience means we can provide a bespoke service for our clients.

Controlling both the camera and UAV from the ground allows us to obtain data from locations where access or visability is limited.

Our staff are qualified and experienced in all industry standard geospatial data software packages to provide bespoke solutions to our


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