European Commission introduces list of invasive species to be banned from entering UK

The regulations covering a list of 37 invasive alien species will come into effect on Wednesday 3rd August, and the species included on the list will be subject to the restrictions and measures set out in the EU Regulation on invasive alien species.

The new regulations make it illegal to import, keep, breed or grow, transport, sell or use, or release into the environment (without a permit) the 37 species.
However, the ban will not apply when the UK leaves the EU.

The species list includes Chinese mitten crab, grey squirrel, signal crayfish, and plant species including parrot’s feather, curly waterweed and floating
pennywort – which can spread up to 20cms a day, forming dense mats of vegetation on the water surface. American skunk cabbage, which was responsible
for wiping out all the native flora at a site in the New Forest, is also included.

As well as representing a major threat to native species, invasive species cause damage estimated to be worth £1.7bn to the British economy every year.

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