Fast response on housing project

Cala Homes are proposing to build 125 properties on land in Cranleigh in Surrey. As well as housing, the finished site will include a community building,
allotments and an orchard.

An existing stream will be connected to new open water areas which will become a focal point on the site. It is hoped that this central focal point will
bring a community feel to the area as well as being environmentally friendly.

Thomson Habitats were programmed to install semi-permanent one-way great crested newt fencing to help the ecologists keep great crested newts out of the
development area, by allowing them to leave one way but not allowing them to return. The evening before we were asked to increase the length of fencing
by 20% but were still able to complete the job in two days – and ahead of programme.

We have since been commissioned for several more projects with Cala Homes.

Click here for aerial footage of the site which was captured on our drone-mounted camera!

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