Posted on Jun 18, 2013

Innovative new partnership aims to help developers through planning

Ecological and archaeological consultancy services and surveys for construction projects will now be available from a single professional source it was announced today.

Top specialist businesses, Thomson Ecology and Wessex Archaeology will join forces to offer an innovative “one stop shop” for developers offering their joint expertise in biodiversity, ecology and archaeology. The new approach will provide developers with one source for two different planning solutions with the aim of providing a more efficient streamlined service.

Phil Watkins (pictured on right of photograph) of Thomson Ecology and Chris Brayne (pictured to left) of Wessex Archaeology signed the agreement following a joint review that showed that combined archaeology and ecology services would offer developers a professional set of specialist planning disciplines that would add value and help them through the planning process.

Phil Watkins, commercial director of Thomson Ecology, sees the alliance as a spring board for both companies to establish a competitive presence for large scale, complex projects in and beyond the UK.

“Thomson Ecology and Wessex Archaeology are market leaders in their sectors and already chosen by informed project managers for many of the UK’s largest infrastructure and energy projects. We know that our specialist expertise is highly valued. Creating this alliance places us in a strong competitive position, as together we now offer the breadth of an even wider set of skills as well as the in depth knowledge of highly experienced specialists.”

Chris Brayne, newly appointed chief executive of Wessex Archaeology, said:

“All new construction projects have to pass specific ecological and archaeological requirements before they receive planning permission. This alliance offers developers a more efficient and streamlined method for commissioning these two specialist services allowing them access to the best advice available as part of one contract without the need to go to multiple firms.”

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