New Quick Fencer attachment makes fencing easy!
Posted on Jun 29, 2017

New Quick Fencer attachment makes fencing easy!

When we were awarded an exciting habitat creation project, part of which was to install over 5km of stock fencing, we considered how we could do the job most efficiently.

We use our CAT279D track loader regularly on other projects, and decided that it would be appropriate to use it here. However, due to the length of fencing required, we decided to purchase a Quick Fencer attachment.

The attachment fits easily onto the front of the track loader and reels out stock fence netting and barbed wire much more efficiently than other methods. The Quick Fencer maintains wire tension during reeling out, and also allows the wire to be strained on the attachment.

A large amount of stock fencing is required for this site as we are creating 27ha of new grassland to be used as a compensation site for wildlife. Once the created grassland has established it will require maintenance and this will be done naturally with a grazing regime.

The stock fencing will keep the natural nibblers, like livestock, in place, and will provide a strong, but natural looking secure boundary to the site.

The Quick Fencer attachment is available for hire with the skidsteer. For further information on skidsteer hire, click here.

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      Knowledge Hub New Quick Fencer attachment makes fencing easy!