Posted on Nov 08, 2013

Osprey image wins top spot in wildlife photography competition

The striking image of an Osprey catching its prey has won top spot in the Thomson Ecology 2013 Photography Competition.

The winning image entitled “Splash and Grab” was taken by Bill Doherty from Northumberland. He wins the top prize of £300.

More than 400 photographers from across the UK and Europe entered the Competition this year – more than in any other year since the competition began three years ago. They were judged by a panel including a representative from Guildford Photographic Society, Mrs Rita Daubeney.

Gemma Balaam, competition organiser from Thomson Ecology, said:

“We had a much greater response than we could possibly have expected and the overall standard was exceptionally high. The judges found the shortlisting process very difficult, but were unanimous in their final selection. As a company, we are passionate about our love of ecology and biodiversity and it is awe inspiring to see the range of subject matter and quality of the images we were sent by members of the public who share our love of the environment and wildlife.”

Mrs Rita Daubeney said:

“I was amazed at the quality of images in this year’s competition. The winning photograph really captures the subject matter and action in a well-shot picture.”

The four runners-up, who win £50 each, are:

  • Phil Scarlett from Nottinghamshire with “Little Owl Pair”
  • Andrew Pettey from Devon with “Compass Jellyfish”
  • John Fisher from Southport with “Eyes To the Sky” and
  • and Peter Preece from Warwickshire with “Rat In Sewer”

You can view all five winning images here:

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