Posted on Nov 13, 2013

Marine Scientist publishes feature on Ruth Barnich and top scientists at Thomson Unicomarine

We are delighted that one of our highly respected Principal Taxonomists, Dr Ruth Barnich has been profiled in the latest edition of Marine Scientist magazine which is out this month (November).

Ruth came to Thomson Ecology from Senckenberg University in Germany earlier this year. With a distinguished background in marine biology, she is regularly invited to speak at expert gatherings around the world.

In the article, she says that “Coming to the UK has been a big change for me, but an exciting one. I have had to get used to a whole new way of life, but working for Thomson Ecology and the position they were offering was too interesting to pass up. My role is that of a specialist. It requires patience and an expertise in the subject to do well and I am able to maintain my discipline at the highest level as head of quality control of our analysis of samples from many different parts of the world.”

Ruth’s new colleagues in the marine team, Daniel Bastreri and Lauren Hughes, are also mentioned. Ruth says:

“We are lucky to have so much high-level knowledge and expertise in one place and it really puts us ahead of the game when it comes to species identification and mitigation. Our pool of expertise is growing all the time and I have recently been joined by Lauren Hughes from the Australian Museum in Sydney, who is an expert carcinologist and marine biologist, and Daniel Bastreri, who comes from Cefas and has a background in environmental impact assessment in the public sector.”

She ends the piece by saying:

“I’m very happy I made the move to England and that I found Thomson Ecology. I am really enjoying the new challenges the role brings – and will bring – as the company continues to grow internationally. The future here is an exciting one!”

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