Posted on Jul 30, 2020

Our marine team: capability, expertise and how we can help

The Thomson marine team is held in such high regard because, along with a wealth of knowledge amongst our  international experts in marine biology and taxonomy, we also hold an impressive 20-year reference collection on site. This has now reached up to more than 100,000 specimens of more than 3,500 unique taxa.

We have been providing reliable advice and innovative solutions for our clients since 2004. Engaging Thomson on your next project provides you with peace of mind that subject matter experts are supporting you with achieving compliance and meeting your objectives.

Marine Survey

We offer a fully integrated marine environmental survey service to support our clients in obtaining environmental data to determine baseline conditions within a study area, including:

  • Survey design for statistically robust data collection
  • Subtidal and intertidal quantitative benthic faunal and sediment sampling
  • Scientific trawls
  • Water quality and sediment sampling
  • Underwater video and photographic surveys and analysis of footage
  • Biotope and habitat mapping
  • Fish surveys, including impingement and entrainment monitoring.

Find out more about our capabilities and project experience with marine surveys.

Laboratory Analyses

Our team of scientists support clients through provision of specialist species level identification of invertebrates from all aquatic environments and subsequent assessment of seabed habitats. Our large team of taxonomists enable us to throughput high numbers of samples each month, providing analytical results in a timely manner. Our services include:

  • Marine benthic infauna and epifauna identification
  • Biomass determination
  • Particle Size Analysis (PSA) of sediments
  • Fish identification and dissection
  • Underwater video footage analysis and interpretation
  • Biotope and habitat assignment and mapping
  • Quantification of marine litter/plastics
  • Statistical analysis and interpretive reporting
  • Taxonomy training
  • Auditing service for benthic sample analysis and PSA

Learn more about our experience and expertise with marine laboratory analyses.

Marine Consultancy

We help clients obtain licences and consents for ports and harbours expansions, reclamation, capital and maintenance dredging activities, oil and gas development, renewable energy development, wastewater and cooling water outfalls, coastal protection and beach regeneration, and aggregate extraction. Our services include::

  • EIAs (Environmental Impact Assessments) for projects in coastal, estuarine, and marine environments.
  • WFD (Water Framework Directive) assessments.
  • HRAs (Habitat Regulations Assessments) for projects in coastal, estuarine and marine ecosystems.
  • Inter- and sub-tidal survey design, fieldwork, analysis and reporting.
  • Support during the pre-application screening and scoping stages of EIAs.
  • Specialist support and representation on applications for marine licences.
  • Advice on compliance with marine licence conditions.
  • Design, planning and delivery of licence compliance including development and implementation of management and monitoring plans.

Find out more and learn about our project experience in marine consultancy.


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