Posted on Nov 28, 2014

Saudi government commissions Thomson Ecology

A team from Thomson Ecology, were recently consulted by the Arriyadh Development Authority on biodiversity in the Al Ha’ir Lakes; part of the Wadi Hanifah Restoration Project.

Our specialists travelled to Riyadh to give advice on ecological enhancements of the Lakes. This is an award-winning development transforming and enhancing the 120km stretch of river running through Riyadh, the capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Wadi Hanifah is the largest naturally occurring wetland in Saudi Arabia, but the area had, in the past, become degraded and the ecosystem was under threat.

Since then, the Wadi Hanifah has undergone major restoration. This has included construction of a bio-remediation facility to improve water quality; clearing, regrading and reprofiling the river; and creating a desert parkland alongside the river as it passes through Riyadh.

The area is now an oasis for flora and fauna, a mix of native, migratory and introduced species, and the local community can enjoy the open spaces.

The Al Ha’ir Lakes are the latest addition to the Restoration Project, covering around 34ha.

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