Posted on Jul 11, 2016

Thomson Ecology registered with Natural England to use new GCN Low Impact Class Licence

Thomson Ecology now have a registered consultant on the recently introduced Great Crested Newt Low Impact Class Licence (GCN LICL) – a new initiative between Natural England and CIEEM.

The scheme, introduced this year, aims to ensure that individuals who hold the licence are trusted by Natural England to perform certain licensable activities under a Class Licence. The registered consultant will be present during all licensed works on site, and will take on more of the responsibility, previously held by Natural England. In theory this should speed up the process in getting GCN licences approved.

To become a registered consultant, applicants must have proven experience in great crested newt mitigation, with a skill set to achieve a threshold of competency, as well as attending a training workshop held by Natural England and CIEEM, followed by passing an assessment.

To find out how our registered Great Crested Newt Low Impact Class Licence consultant can help you with your project, please call us on 01483 466066, or email us on [email protected]

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