Posted on Oct 22, 2014

Thomson Ecology’s Head of Geospatial delivered a presentation at ICE BIM 2014

Tim Donoyou, Head of Geospatial at Thomson Ecology delivered a talk at the ICE BIM 2014 conference.

The event, chaired by Mark Bew MBE, Chairman – HM Government BIM Working Group, took place on October 29th in London. The programme included presentations from the top names in the industry.

Now in its fourth year, the conference focussed on ‘creating the best digital engineers in the world’ through the implementation of BIM across the supply chain.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) addresses the management of information through the planning phase allowing for a smoother and swifter process throughout the build, and easier management of the building after completion. BIM looks set to be the future of construction according to many industry leaders.

The view from the British government is that “BIM is the first truly global digital construction technology and will soon be deployed in every country in the world. It is a ‘game changer’ and we need to recognise that it is here to stay”.

ICE BIM 2014 conference


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