Thomson Habitats awarded Shoreham Adur Tidal Walls scheme works package
Posted on Nov 14, 2016

Thomson Habitats awarded Shoreham Adur Tidal Walls scheme works package

Following a competitive tendering process, we were awarded several works packages by J T Mackley & Co on the Shoreham Adur Tidal Walls (SATW) scheme.

The £25m Environment Agency scheme consists of improvements along both banks of the River Adur stretching over 7 km between Shoreham Fort and the A27 in Sussex on the western reach, and from Coronation Green to the A27 on the eastern reach. The proposed flood defence is a major project initiated as a result of the government’s National Flood Resilience Review (NFRR).

Thomson Habitats has been brought in to undertake the ecological mitigation and biodiversity compensation works on various reaches across the site in collaboration with the project’s Environmental and Ecological Clerk of Works.

As part of our works scope we have been contracted to carry out

  • Phased vegetation clearance along several reaches using a combination of brushcutters, chainsaws, woodchippers, and track loader with mulcher
  • Temporary and permanent reptile fencing
  • Destructive search of several reaches
  • Creation of a reptile receptor habitat using turf translocation techniques and site won logs for hibernacula
  • Tree felling

The site is home to large populations of reptiles which require an extensive translocation process, including a two-cut phased vegetation clearance technique used on all areas of suitable habitat.

A network of temporary and permanent reptile fencing was installed to aid in the translocation process, with many of the species being relocated to the newly created on-site receptor area. Subsequent destructive searches during October concluded a successful trapping season.

“Thomson Habitats have assisted us with ecological mitigation works on the SATW project from the early stages. Our positive experiences of working with them on previous projects meant that we had confidence in their capabilities. During their time on site they’ve worked hard to make sure that the works have been completed to the required deadlines. With the complexities of this project creating obstacles along the way, Thomson fully grasped their role as ecological contractors on site and played an important part of the overall works. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with Thomson Habitats.”  Tony Battrick, SATW Construction Manager, J T Mackley & Co.

The sheer size and complexity of the scheme has even led to the creation of its very own website! Click here.


Image: Thomson Interactive Mapping (TIM) displaying areas on the site which underwent approx. 2.8km of phased vegetation clearance, 1.9km of which was destructively searched.

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