Posted on May 16, 2022

UKREiiF – We’ll see you there

We’re looking forward to attending UKREiiF 2022 this week. If you’re attending, visit us at stand F2 where we’ll be focused on how to enable business and nature to thrive together.

Net Zero, one of the event themes, is an area we expect to spend much of our time discussing.

We’re well positioned to clarify the actions that will help your business simultaneously achieve its growth targets, and sustainability targets and goals.

We’d be delighted to discuss how we can help you prepare your projects and plans for a greener, more sustainable future.  We cover a breadth of sustainability specialisms, from climate change, ecological advice, surveys and assessments, to data management, mapping and habitat management.

To find out how our years of experience can support you in navigating your business through the challenges of reaching your carbon goals and help nature to thrive, make sure you pop along to stand F2.

Please feel free to download the publications that we’ll be sharing at the event:

Carbon Goals

  • The false dichotomy that businesses must choose between growth and carbon reduction
  • Mapping the path to Carbon Zero
  • Understanding local environments is as important as understanding the wider one
  • The UK is taking an environmental lead, we all need to be ready to step up to it

The Future of the Built Environment

  • The built environment of the future will be bigger but also greener
  • The scale of the challenge is unprecedented
  • It’s not just about construction
  • Building nature into cities
  • Building obsolescence out

Addressing the Nutrient Crisis

  • Why river pollution is damming the flow of new housing and how we might unblock it
  • What’s the problem with nutrients?
  • How can we build back better if we can’t build at all?
  • How can we neutralise the nutrients?

Creating Better Environmental Outcomes for Real Estate & Construction Sectors

  • Supporting Your Projects
  • Site Selection
  • Planning and Design
  • Mitigation Implementation, Habitat Creation and Tree planting

Blue Newt Spring Summer 2022

  • Thomson’s Total Digital Survey
  • AI in ecological mapping
  • Mankind goes back to the moon
  • Use of UAVs in ecology

Deep Blue May 2022

  • Through the lens Caprella mutica
  • In the wake of marine expeditions
  • Natural capital – valuing benthic ecosystems to aid the marine environment
  • The benefits of biodiversity

Download our EIA Brochure

Download our Marine Brochure


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